What is EDU-CRED?

What is EDU-CRED?

EDU-CRED is an easy and secure credential tracking system for professional license management.

• Simple to use
• Customized license compliance tracking
• Track multiple license requirements (by both jurisdiction and type)

NEVER lose track of continuing education certifications with
EDU-CRED’s simple upload for course documentation.

Easy audit support (we’re here, if you ever need).

An experience that feels like a concierge service for licensure and continuing education course search and compliance.

Service Offerings


Customized Progress Tracking
Against Continuing General
Education Requirements
Customized Progress Tracking
Against Continuing Special
Education Requirements
Multiple License
Tracking Capability
Store and Archive Documentation
of Course Completion
Customized Summary Report
of Completed Course Work
Digital Renewal Reminders
Validate Course Work
Meets Specific License Requirements
Concierge-level Renewal
Reminders and Support
to Meet Licensure Obligations
Customized Audit Support
and Coordination

Included in Service

May be purchased for an additional, one-time fee

EDU-CRED has launched!